What is AddX?

AddX is a student exhibition where surprises are created by adding or maximizing one or more senses. Add smell, sight or sound. Add touch or taste. By stimulating more senses than just sight and sound, will the perception of a message change by simply – add?

What is X?

Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste are our five traditional senses. When multiple senses are used to capture an experience, the impression becomes more multifaceted; the interpretation becomes richer, and the experience is therefore stronger.

The ambition with AddX

AddX is about strengthening today’s relatively few-dimensional communication. In a world of ad-blockers and advertising fatigue, we want to pay attention to the importance of adding and involving more senses in communication. AddX’s ambition is to inspire and create communication that is engaging and surprising, to make communication more memorable, by adding another sense or maximizing the actual sense.

Berghs School of Communication
May 18-20th

About Berghs School of Communication
and The Student Agency

For 75 years, Berghs School of Communication has educated thousands of today’s communicators. Each year, in the end of May, Berghs School of Communication creates a graduation show made by the students where the grad student’s cases are shown. Read more about Berghs here. The Student Agency are twelve grad students, two from each program, that together have created a concept for the Berghs graduation show. This is their graduation project. For more information, contact studentbyran@berghs.se

The Student Agency 2017

Ebba Vålvik
Production manager
Fariz Syed
Production manager
Denice Olsson Galli
Mathilda Nordlander
Linda Persson
Public Relations
Nathalie Folkeryd
Public Relations
Max Näslund
Digital Strategist
Oscar Mazur
Digital Creative
Joel Klasén
Philip Nyman
Julia Elfgren
Carl Cerstrand
Art Director